Transformative Immigration Relief Included In Build Back Better Act

WASHINGTON, DC – The Build Back Better Act introduced today includes immigration relief that could keep millions of families together and boost the U.S. economy by billions of dollars. President Todd Schulte issued the following statement:

“Immigration relief that provides work permits and deportation protections would transform the lives of millions of families who have lived, worked and contributed to this country for at least a decade. It would allow people who have been living in this country for an average of 20 years basic freedoms, like the ability to work, the security to remain together with their families, and the opportunity to visit loved ones abroad.

“Relief, which is included in the Build Back Better Act introduced today, is long overdue and incredibly popular, and given the substantial budgetary impact and enormous economic benefits to our country, we are confident it is possible through reconciliation. While short of the explicit pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants which we know is needed and we will continue to fight to achieve, this would be the most significant immigration measure passed by Congress in decades.

“This is the year. Democrats can and must deliver historic protections.”

New analysis estimates that the proposed immigration relief for those who have lived in the U.S. for a decade or more would allow upwards of 7 million undocumented immigrants to apply for protection from deportation and work permits. With work permits, these individuals would increase their contributions to the economy and to federal, state and local taxes by billions of dollars each year, including multi-billion dollar expansions in several states.

Senate Democrats are very optimistic about the ability to include transformative immigration relief that provides work permits and deportation protection in the reconciliation package. The Senate Parliamentarian will be providing informal guidance on this proposal in the next few days. She appears open to green lighting this proposal. Details on the impact of providing work permits and protection from deportation can be found here.

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