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Criminal Justice Reform in Arizona

Arizona's imprisonment crisis is hurting the state's economy, communities, and families.

Arizona has the fourth highest imprisonment rate in the country and taxpayers spend more than $1 billion on the prison system every year. The prison population has grown by 60 percent since 2000 alone — nearly doubling the rate of general population growth — and taxpayers now spend more on prisons than higher education and other critical state budget priorities.

At a time when a majority of states have adopted reforms to curb prison population growth and invest in more effective public safety solutions, Arizona stands out for its high imprisonment rate and rising prison costs.

It's time for real criminal justice reform in Arizona.

Taxpayers could save hundreds of millions of dollars every year if the state reduced its imprisonment rate to the level of neighboring states with similar crime rates.

Arizona is most out of step when it comes to how many people are sent to prison for non-violent and first-time offenses, and its continued reliance on long prison sentences that do not provide any public safety benefit.

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Your Deep Dive: Criminal Justice Reform in Arizona