FWD.us Statement on SCOTUS Certification of RMX Judgment

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte released the following statement today on the U.S. Supreme Court’s certification of judgment on the Biden v. Texas decision it had granted June 30, which affirmed President Biden’s authority to end the devastating Remain in Mexico (RMX) program:

“As a reminder, the Court in this landmark decision rejected the completely radical claim by the lower court that any and all non-citizens must either be expelled and forced to remain outside the U.S. or incarcerated for the entirety of their asylum processing. The Court ruled clearly that the Biden Administration was—and is—fully within its rights to end the cruel and chaotic Remain in Mexico policy. The stakes in this case were massive, and had the Court ruled the other way, it would have created an utterly devastating foreign policy mandate , eliminating the ability for people to seek asylum and refuge in any meaningful sense.

“Today’s formal certification from the Supreme Court paves the way for the Biden Administration to fully, immediately, and completely end the Remain in Mexico program. The Administration must move ahead on its prior promises and not only ensure that no one new is enrolled into the violence of Remain in Mexico. It must also bring all resources to bear to use its clear and existing parole authority to allow those enrolled in the program thus far to have a chance at a fair asylum hearing from within the United States.

“While ending Remain in Mexico is critical and must be done now, it is only one part of building a humane immigration system system that allows vulnerable individuals and families to seek safety, and upholds our values of being a truly welcoming nation. Until we affirmatively build an orderly, humane system to welcome those seeking refuge, we will continue to see not only incredibly harmful policies enacted on those fleeing persecution, but we will see chaos ripe for demagoguery. This is a new chance for the Biden Administration—they should and must take it.

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