Bina Surgeon

VP, Chief Operating Officer

Bina Surgeon is the Chief Operating Officer at Previously she was Director of Finance and Operations at the Everybody Votes Campaign (EVC), a national nonprofit that partners with local organizations to help all eligible people register to vote. At EVC, she led the organization’s financial strategy and the development of internal policies and processes, with a focus on creating systems that promote organizational culture, values and vision centered around equity. Prior to EVC, Bina worked for Speaker Nancy Pelosi for 11 years as Special Assistant and Deputy Director for Protocol and Special Events. She previously worked for Grow New Mexico, where she advised communities on economic development projects and funding. Bina was born in Honduras and grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She attended the University of New Mexico, where she fostered her passion for learning new languages and for politics. She lives in Washington, DC and loves to travel, and spend time with family and friends.