Earlier this week, members of FWD.us’s Colorado State Immigration staff hosted a lively policy breakfast with members of the Colorado State Legislature. The event, which centered around a panel discussion, focused on how lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, along with local businesses, and residents across the state, could work together to find common sense and meaningful reforms that would advance Colorado’s standing as a place for business and a welcoming place for all families.

One of those meaningful reforms is building support for smart immigration policy changes in key regions of the country, including Colorado. Earlier this year, FWD.us announced that one of our policy priorities in Colorado is to push for increased access to driver’s licenses for all Coloradans, regardless of immigration status.

A proposal known as SB139, which recently passed the Colorado State Senate with bipartisan support, would do just that. This measure would add six new DMV offices around the state that would provide this license and help ensure that thousands of hardworking Coloradans – particularly those living in rural areas – can more easily reach their workplaces, seek medical attention in an emergency, and better provide for themselves and their families.

During the panel discussion, Jeff Wasden, President of the Colorado Business Roundtable, highlighted the importance of smart reforms to immigration policy for Colorado by reminding legislators that any reform to the state’s current systems “needs to be addressed for businesses across all sectors in Colorado.”

Mark Delich, Director of Federal Policy & Government Relations at FWD.us, added, “When we enact policies at the state level and give people an opportunity, we can see the benefits. We can show that the broader federal reforms would increase the benefits for our communities and our country.”

Immigration is a complicated but crucial issue for our community and the economy in Colorado; however, we are grateful that state legislators joined this important conversation and look forward to working across the aisle to find solutions that continue to move our state forward.

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