FWD.us Statement on Expanded Work in New York

ALBANY, NY – FWD.us today announced an expansion of our focus to include immigration policy work at the state level in a number of key regions, including New York.

Expanding our work at the State level means that we can work on critical issues that affect millions of American families, and that we can help deepen our impact as we work concurrently on immigration issues at the federal level. More information on our plans to enact reforms at the state level is available here.

Director of State Immigration Campaigns Pamela Chomba issued the following statement:

“Immigrant families across the state – from Buffalo to Nassau – are looking at Governor Cuomo to set a new standard of living for immigrants. We thank Governor Cuomo for his commitment to the New York Dream Act but can’t forget the thousands of undocumented families who have waited for a statewide expansion of driver licenses for over a decade in New York. New Yorkers deserve to live without the daily fear that a food delivery to an army base or dropping their child at school can lead to deportation from their communities. It’s time for Governor Cuomo and New York to join 12 states and the District of Columbia for a progressive New York that creates greater opportunities for all. New York has the chance, in 2019, to lead on immigration reform. Our long term goal is commonsense immigration reform that implements smart border security, protects and expands existing legal immigration avenues, and provides an earned pathway to citizenship for undocumented people. Expanding our work at the state level will help us to better achieve comprehensive reform, and we believe these policy goals will strengthen New York as we continue to demand the immigration changes our country needs. We look forward to working with Governor Cuomo to deliver more opportunity and justice for New York’s families.”

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