Statement From DACA Recipients on Staff on Supreme Court’s Decision to Protect DACA

“For decades, millions of young people like us who came to the United States as children have fought tirelessly to be fully acknowledged as human beings in the only country we know as home. The Court’s decision today is a major victory for DACA recipients, our families, and communities – and it is one that we will continue to fight to keep in place. The road to victory was paved by the fearlessness of the thousands of undocumented leaders who came before us, and is only able to happen because of the labor and leadership of Black organizers who for generations championed racial justice, civil rights, and continue their fight to defend Black lives today.

“The nation’s highest court resoundingly rejected the Trump Administration’s effort to end DACA today while affirming what we have always known to be true: that our home is here. While DACA was never a perfect solution, it has been transformative for many of us, providing an opportunity to live less fearfully, come out of the shadows, and to contribute more fully to our families and our communities. In the midst of our badly broken and inhumane immigration system, DACA has been a lifeline.

“Today’s ruling is meaningful for the road we have walked, but it is nowhere near a long-term solution in the struggle for racial justice. We stand in solidarity with our Black siblings, some with DACA, who shoulder the trauma of police brutality and racial injustice because of the color of their skin. We will continue to fight against mass incarceration, immigrant detention, and the pervasive policing that targets Black people and communities of color. The Court’s decision strengthens our resolve as we fight against these injustices together.

“Today’s ruling steels our determination to continue fighting for our communities, and for the many millions of families who are continually torn apart by our broken, harmful immigration and criminal legal systems. Regardless of what this Administration and its enablers do, we will never give up fighting for justice – and we know that millions of advocates and allies across the country stand with us in this fight.

“To our elected officials: Standing up for what is just and moral requires courage, especially in the face of electoral challenges. The path forward requires bold action and a willingness to put aside what is politically expedient in favor of the right thing to do. At the end of the day, government leaders must be willing to take risks to tackle civil rights disparities and improve the quality of life for all of us, including immigrant Americans. If lawmakers cannot do the job they were elected to do, they do not deserve the privilege of representing us in office. The American people deserve better than spineless leadership.

“It is incumbent on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to show meaningful leadership and take up the Dream and Promise Act immediately, which would provide us with permanent legislative protections. As DACA recipients, we have lived with fear and uncertainty for years, and while the cruelty of this Administration is acute, we will not go back to living in the shadows. Pass the bill – no more excuses.”

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