NEW VIDEO: Celebrating June as Immigrant Heritage Month

“Out of Many, We Are One” Emphasizes Diverse Stories & Community Resilience

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the I Stand With Immigrants initiative released a new video, “Out of Many, We Are One,” to continue celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM) 2020, a nationwide effort to highlight the critical contributions immigrants have made, and continue to make, in America. Spearheaded by the I Am An Immigrant campaign, this year marks the seventh annual Immigrant Heritage Month, an opportunity to celebrate immigrants and immigration, our heritage, and the countless contributions that immigrants have made and continue to make to our nation. This year, the I Stand With Immigrants initiative is showing up more intentionally to stand with and listen to Black organizers, and to use our platforms to support, defend, and value Black lives and Black communities.

“Out of Many, We Are One” is narrated by Guerline M. Jozef, the president of the Haitian Bridge Alliance, and features the unique voices of dozens of artists and activists sharing their stories – including those with immigrant backgrounds, new Americans, and those whose families have been a part of the American experience for generations. In the video, Guerline thoughtfully explores America’s heritage by highlighting that everyone living in the U.S. is either the descendants of indigenous Americans, of enslaved peoples who were brought to the U.S., or of immigrants – and all make up the fabric of this country.


The video is directed by Shayan Asgharnia (b. 1989), an editorial and advertising photographer known for capturing the intrigue, magnetism and depth in his subjects, creating a connection between them and the viewer. Passionate about human rights issues, he believes in the importance of speaking out, even if it means losing certain clients. Born in Iran, and raised in Texas, he currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

“Out of Many, We Are One” features artists and activists including Aloe Blacc, Arturo Castro, Bambadjan Bamba, Brandon Larracuente, Brenda Song, Charles Melton, Denise Bidot, Dulce Candy, Eugenio Derbez, Laysla DeOliveira, Maytha Alhassen, Ross Butler, and others.

“As we lift up the endless contributions that immigrants have made to our country, we recognize how much work remains to build a nation that upholds the best of what we can and must be, one that welcomes and supports immigrants and immigration, and values and defends Black lives,” said President Todd Schulte. “Immigrant Heritage Month reminds us that it’s always the right time to do the work that will help us to become the America we seek to be.”

About Immigrant Heritage Month: Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM) is a nationwide celebration of immigration held every June, and is part of an ongoing effort to empower immigrants and allies to share stories and drive action that demonstrate how immigration is good for our communities, economy, and country. IHM also works to provide new avenues for individuals and organizations to support immigrants in their communities and workplaces during June and throughout the year. The I Stand With Immigrants Initiative is powered by, whose statement on the killings of Black men and women across the country, and the movement to Defend Black Life, can be found here. To follow Immigrant Heritage Month follow the I Am An Immigrant Campaign on social media [IAAI FacebookIAAI InstagramIAAI Twitter].


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