NEW TV AD: On Heels of Devastating DACA Ruling, Launches National TV Ad Buy Urging Congress to Act in Lame Duck

WASHINGTON, DC – launched a new national ad campaign across TV and digital platforms today, calling on Congress to protect Dreamers right now in the wake of the 5th Circuit Court’s ruling that DACA is unlawful. The TV ad buy will begin on national cable news stations tomorrow. 

Without urgent action from Congress in the upcoming lame duck session, nearly 700,000 DACA recipients will almost certainly lose work authorization, protection from deportation, and have their lives thrown into chaos in the near future.

The chances of DACA surviving for much longer – without Congress passing legislation – are significantly worse because of this ruling. It would be disastrous to wait until the lower courts once again rule DACA unlawful and allow their rulings to go into effect. It is credibly cruel to put millions of Dreamers and their families through more uncertainty. Only Congress can take action to protect Dreamers, and they must do so immediately.

Watch the ad here: Congress Must Protect Dreamers Now


DACA Recipient Maria Praeli: Just days ago, a federal judge ruled that DACA is illegal, throwing hundreds of thousands of lives into chaos.

A new group of 1,000 DACA recipients each and every business day for two years could be forced out of their jobs and separated from their families.

It will hurt nearly 700,000 people who have benefitted so far.

We can’t rely on the courts.

Congress: this is it. Protect Dreamers, act now.

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