New Poll: Voters Nationwide Overwhelmingly Support Citizenship Bill For Dreamers

WASHINGTON, DC – President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on new polling showing that voters nationwide and across party lines are resoundingly in favor of granting citizenship to Dreamers:

“Next week, the United States House of Representatives will vote on the Dream and Promise Act, legislation that would provide an earned pathway to citizenship for more than two million Dreamers and TPS holders. This is a historic vote, and only the fourth time in more than 30 years that major immigration legislation that provides permanent protections for immigrant communities is likely to pass even one chamber of Congress. As the House considers this vital legislation, new polling released today has shown that providing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers continues to be overwhelmingly popular, with 77% of voters supporting this provision. This support extends across party lines and all demographic groups. Moreover, support remains incredibly high, even in the face of negative attacks using opponents’ arguments. There is no reason for members of Congress to delay this legislation, and every Member who stands with Dreamers should vote in favor of this bill.”

A memo on the polling results is available here.

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