Mandatory Minimums Are Not the Answer

JACKSON, MS – Mississippi State Director Alesha Judkins issued the following statement today addressing mandatory minimum bills that would further increase the state’s dangerously high prison population without advancing public safety:

“Mississippi’s elected leaders should follow the data – increasing mandatory minimum sentences will only hurt our state and make our dangerously overcrowded prison system even worse.

“Locking people up for long and extreme sentences with no hope of release doesn’t keep our communities safe, and we urge lawmakers to reject mandatory minimum legislation that enables cycles of incarceration, and does nothing to advance public safety. Increasing penalties does not deter crime and will not ensure the safety of our communities. Mississippi has the highest imprisonment rate in the country – it’s vital that policymakers invest in proven strategies for safely reducing the prison population to help ensure that more of our neighbors are safe in their communities and can re-enter the workplace, while saving money for taxpayers across the state.

“All Mississippians want safer communities, but increasing incarceration is the most expensive  and least effective path to getting us there.”

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