Mandatory Minimum Sentences Won’t Make Mississippi Safer

JACKSON, MS – Mississippi State Director Alesha Judkins issued the following statement today following the advancement of SB 2174 and SB 2175 out of committee in the Mississippi legislature:

“We are disappointed to see SB 2174 and SB 2175 move forward in the legislative process. These proposals create mandatory minimums that would needlessly exacerbate Mississippi’s already dangerously high prison population without making our communities safer. Policymakers must follow decades of research showing that we can reduce crime and incarceration at the same time, not rely on failed policies of the past.

“Mandatory minimum sentencing eliminates judicial discretion and removes incentives for people to participate in rehabilitative programming. We urge our elected leaders to reject these bills and instead prioritize data-driven policies that promote public safety, reduce our prison population responsibly, and open up pathways for more Mississippians to rejoin the workforce.”

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