Informed Immigrant Launches Immigration Resource Hub for Educators, DACA Recipients

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Informed Immigrant ( launched a redesigned site featuring important information for immigrants and service providers to educate their communities. Developed in partnership with organizations including, NILC, Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees, Californians Together, America’s Voice, and, the site features a new Educator’s Corner, DACA and mental health guides, know your rights material and more. At a time of great uncertainty for immigrants in America, Informed Immigrant is an accessible, one-stop-shop resource hub that empowers Americans, regardless of their citizenship status, to know their rights, protect their loved ones and prepare their families in case of separation.

New to Informed Immigrant this year is curated content guides and best-of resources, “share” functionality across Facebook, Twitter, email, and Whatsapp, and an up-to-date resource library featuring more than 250 PDFs, videos, posters, toolkits, and online resources which have been downloaded more than 10,500 times. All FAQs have been vetted by licensed immigration attorneys.

Informed Immigrant — through the continued work of organizations and community leaders across the United States — provides new and returning users with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to feel prepared in the current environment. In the wake of congressional inaction to defend Dreamers in particular, it is more important than ever to provide these critical information resources to immigrant communities and their allies.

“We are proud to be a part of the coalition to build this resource. It is inspiring to see so many people coming together to assist our communities. We hope that Informed Immigrant can provide immigrant families and service providers with critical and empowering information needed in this moment.” —Katie Aragón, Grassroots Communications Manager,

“Federal law states that all children, regardless of their citizenship or residency status, are entitled to a K-12 education. It is critical and fundamental that we ensure our educators have the right tools and information to support and inform immigrant students and their families. Educators, after family members, are the most important individuals in a child’s life.” —Gaby Pacheco, Director of Development, Advocacy, and Communications,

“These are incredibly uncertain times for vulnerable immigrant communities in the United States. Given the drumbeat of attacks and harmful policies targeting immigrants, it is critical we fight alongside our vibrant immigrant communities and provide clear and timely resources that will help them stay informed and protect themselves and their families.” —Avideh Moussavian, Senior Policy Attorney, National Immigration Law Center

“Information is one of the most powerful tools in the era of Donald Trump. The immigration landscape is changing quickly, which means that staying up to date on the most recent developments can be difficult. That is why sites like Informed Immigrant are so important, so that communities across the country, immigrants and their allies, can obtain rapid response information to some of their biggest questions.” —Juan Escalante, Communications Manager, America’s Voice Education Fund

“It has been a great experience to partner with Informed Immigrant to develop an educator-focused vertical for the website. Many schools understand the critical role they play in building connections between immigrant families and our communities. We hope that educators across the nation find these resources as helpful as we have to create ‘safe and welcoming schools’ for immigrant students.” —Xilonin Cruz-Gonzalez, Project Director, Californians Together

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