ICYMI: President Biden Meets With DACA Recipients, Underscoring His Commitment To Passing Permanent Protections For Dreamers, TPS Holders, And Essential Farmworkers

We wanted to make sure you’d seen ongoing media coverage of President Biden’s White House meeting with six DACA recipients from across the nation. President Biden’s meeting on Friday reflects a commitment to protect Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers, and other undocumented immigrants because it not only represents humane, commonsense policy, but reforming our broken immigration system also strengthens our nation’s communities and economies. As recent state and national polling shows, solving our broken immigration system remains a top priority for Americans, and Congress should act on this critical issue that remains one of the most popular with voters of all backgrounds across the country.

Friday’s meeting underscored the importance of protecting these communities who face urgent threats as a result of looming court battles with the DACA program. As White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted after the meeting, “the President believes that DACA recipients are part of the American story and part of the fabric of who we are as a country and bringing them here is an opportunity to highlight that.” Likewise, the DACA recipients who met with the President come from a wide array of backgrounds, including healthcare, education, and agriculture, and underscore the critical nature of immigration reform to our nation’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

FWD.us Government Relations Manager Maria Praeli, who is both a DACA recipient and one of the six members in the meeting with President Biden, issued the following statement after the meeting: “To know that the President of the United States wants to hear our stories and understand what our lives are like, and how we and our families have struggled with the broken immigration system, is deeply meaningful. It’s meaningful, too, that we were able to be candid with the President – that as thankful as we are to have been eligible for DACA, the past four years have made painfully clear how tenuous that protection is: our futures were threatened by the people who worked in this very building, by the person who sat in his chair.”

Read the full statement from Maria Praeli here.

This meeting comes nearly a week after FWD.us launched a new ad as part of a 7-figure national campaign across cable, broadcast, and digital to urge Congress to pass a pathway to citizenship without further delay.

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