ICYMI – Anxiously Awaiting a Permanent Legislative Solution, America’s Dreamers Give Back To Their Communities

This holiday season, Dreamers across the country are engaging in service opportunities to help their neighbors and communities as they anxiously await a legislative solution that would permanently shield them from deportation. Over the past week, Dreamers have distributed meals to families in need at the annual Feed-A-Family event in Denver; organized canned goods and non perishables at the Cabrini Immigrant Services Food Pantry in New York City; assembled care packet bags with medicine, first aid, warm socks, hygienic products in Auburn, CA; and distributed meals to local families with the nonprofit City Harvest in New York City.


Time is running out to solve this urgent crisis. Members of Congress will head home for the holidays in less than three weeks, and as each day passes without a floor vote on Dreamer legislation, our nation moves closer to funding the deportation of America’s Dreamers.


If Congress fails to pass and fully implement a legislative solution before March 6,more than 1,700 Dreamers will be stripped of their ability to work every single day through November 6, making them priorities for deportation. Nearly 800,000 Dreamers and tens of millions of their family members, friends, and coworkers are depending on Members of Congress to take decisive action to prevent them from being fired from their jobs, ripped from their families, and deported to countries most have no memory of.


Highlights from service events include:
  • Dreamers Package Meals at the Feed-A-Family Event: On Saturday, November 18, in partnership with CUDreamers, 30 Dreamers and allies of the Denver immigrant community packaged 6,500 boxes of food for distribution to families in need as part of the Epworth Foundation’s annual Feed-A-Family event.
  • Dreamers Give Back at Austin Turkey Trot: On Thanksgiving morning, Dreamers staffed water stations, filling up over 10,000 cups of water for participating runners and cheering on the 20,000 runners as they made their way to the finish line.
  • Dreamers Feed the Hungry with City Harvest in NYC: On Saturday, November 25, Dreamers distributed fresh vegetables and meals to roughly 300 local families in need with City Harvest in New York City. The nonprofit serves mostly immigrant families, from first to third generation, in the Harlem area.
  • Dreamers Clean the City at Grant Park Conservancy: On Saturday, November 25 Dreamers and allies in Georgia helped with raking, cleaning and trash pick-up at Grant Park Conservancy, Atlanta’s oldest city park.

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