ICYMI: 151 Higher Education Institutions & 60 Major Businesses File Amicus Briefs in Support of OPT Program

We wanted to make sure you’d seen that on Monday, 151 U.S. institutions of higher education filed an amicus brief in support of the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program for international students.

The strong show of support from higher education comes on the heels of a brief filed Friday by 60 major U.S. businesses, trade associations, and organizations supporting the OPT program, noting that “international students are vital to creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs, and boosting the American economy.”

Major U.S. businesses leaders and entrepreneurs support the OPT program:

@IntelPolicy: The Optional Practical Training program allows int’l students who graduate from a U.S. university to continue their training in the U.S., helping fill critical STEM roles. Intel is proud to join @FWDus on an amicus brief in support of #OPT.

@TechnetUpdate: We joined @FWDus, many TechNet members, and others in an amicus brief supporting Optional Practical Training for international grads of U.S. colleges & universities. The OPT program strengthens our talent pipeline, drives innovation, and boosts our economy.

@GitHubPolicy: The Optional Practical Training program is an important pipeline for international students, including developers, to begin careers in the US. @github is proud to join 55+ other companies, trade associations, and organizations in defending it in court: http://fwd.us/stemoptamicus

@Kent_Walker: We are proud to support #STEMOPT. US science and tech leadership depends on our ability to train and retain the world’s best talent. The STEM OPT program lets students turn broad education into the kinds of skills that fuel American innovation.

@JakChen (he/him): International students who are educated and trained at U.S. colleges and universities make critical contributions to our nation’s workforce. We’re proud to join 60 other organizations to affirm the importance of #STEM #OPT.

More than 150 U.S. colleges and universities enthusiastically support the OPT program:

@PresImmAlliance: Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a key experience for many international students. Today 151 #highered institutions, led by @PresImmAlliance & @NAFSA submitted an amicus brief in support of OPT.

@NAFSA: @NAFSA & @PresImmAlliance led 151 #highered institutions in submitting an amicus brief today in support of #OPT in the ongoing WashTech litigation. Learn more about the brief and the value of this program in attracting #intlstudents to the U.S. #intled

Alan W. Cramb, President, Illinois Institute of Technology: “In an increasingly competitive global education market, institutions must be able to offer all students the opportunity to pursue real, hands-on technical experience, regardless of their country of origin. OPT represents a crucial avenue for international students to apply their education within the U.S. workforce, and a rollback of OPT would significantly hinder the ability of international students to contribute to our nation’s economic engine.”

Joseph I. Castro, Chancellor, California State University: “The California State University takes great pride in serving international students from more than 80 different countries. These talented students contribute to the vibrant culture of each university campus in countless ways. Ending Optional Practical Training would constrict the pipeline of talented students attending our campuses by limiting opportunities to pursue a full and vigorous education, and potentially inhibit economic growth for our country. The CSU Chancellor’s Office and all 23 campuses join in supporting the continuation of this vital program.”

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