FWD.us Welcomes Senate Introduction of the Bipartisan EAGLE Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, FWD.us President Todd Schulte released the following statement after Senators Kevin Cramer (R-ND), John Hickenlooper (D-CO), and Susan Collins (R-ME) introduced the bipartisan EAGLE Act in the Senate:

“It is welcome news to see Senators Cramer, Hickenlooper, and Collins working across the aisle to introduce the bipartisan EAGLE Act, which would provide hundreds of thousands of people the rights they deserve and boost our economy by helping reduce green card backlogs. FWD.us has long supported reforming per-country caps, and we are ready to work with this growing, bipartisan coalition to finally pass this legislation.

“As we have said time and time again, eliminating country-specific limits and green card backlogs are critical steps that are needed to build a fair, efficient, and humane immigration system. Millions of people and their families have been waiting decades longer than others to receive green cards for which they’ve already been approved, all because of their country of origin. This failed system is harming thousands of families while undermining the United States’ economic competitiveness and global leadership in innovation.

“Both chambers have passed different versions of this legislation with overwhelming bipartisan support in recent years. Now is the time to carry it through so that it can be signed into law.”

For more information on per-country cap reform and the EAGLE Act, read our policy brief here.

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