FWD.us: We Urge Governor Reeves to Continue Parole, Sign Legislation Approved by Legislature

JACKSON, MS – FWD.us Mississippi State Director Alesha Judkins issued the following statement today after the Mississippi legislature voted to approve SB 2448, legislation that will continue the state’s successful parole law:

“Today, we applaud legislators for taking another important step forward to preserve the state’s parole law and continue safely reducing the prison population while maintaining public safety. By ensuring parole eligibility continues, we have the opportunity to safely reunite people with their families, strengthen the state’s workforce, and reduce recidivism. Our elected leaders deserve a lot of credit for keeping their commitments to Mississippians.

“SB 2448 passed with a supermajority of votes in both chambers, echoing the views of Mississippians who overwhelmingly support parole. We urge Governor Reeves to sign this legislation into law to continue to promote public safety throughout Mississippi.”

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