FWD.us, U.S. Business Community File Amicus Brief in Support of Skilled Visa Programs

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us joined nearly 50 national businesses, associations and organizations in filing an amicus brief yesterday in support of skilled visa programs that play a critical role in driving American economic growth and innovation. Signers include Google, TechNet and nearly 50 other leading organizations who employ or represent tens of millions of Americans.

The brief is available here.

FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement:

“We’re proud to partner with nearly 50 of the nation’s leading businesses and associations who employ or represent tens of millions of Americans to reaffirm the vital importance of highly motivated immigrants to U.S. innovation and economic growth. For decades, U.S. businesses — and the entire economy — have benefited enormously from the contributions of skilled immigrants like H-1B visa holders, who generate billions of dollars in GDP for our country while creating new jobs and raising wages for American workers. Today, many are aiding in COVID-19 response and recovery efforts as frontline essential workers, including physicians caring for patients, computer engineers facilitating online learning, and scientists developing a coronavirus vaccine. Undermining the ability of these hardworking immigrants to contribute their talents jeopardizes our ability to recover from this crisis, and has adverse affects on our nation’s long-term economic security and growth. While reforms to the H-1B visa are needed, the new, restrictive standards proposed by the Trump Administration inflict huge costs and disruptions to U.S. businesses that will ultimately hurt our long-term global competitiveness.”

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