FWD.us Statement on This Week’s Congressional Hearings

FWD.us President Todd Schulte released the following statement today regarding this week’s congressional hearings:

“Seven different hearings this week will address – in part – the issue of immigration. Unfortunately, not a single one will focus on the economic impact of reforming our broken immigration system – and how immigration reform can add $1 trillion to GDP over the next decade and spur economic growth. Despite the fact that border apprehensions are down 94% from the beginning of the Bush Administration, these hearings will focus on plans to deport many more people and how to build and pay for a wall along the border. This enforcement-only strategy is not only terrible for our economy and families, but – as police chiefs around the country continue to say – hurts public safety.”

Instead, Congress should focus on the impact a smart immigration system could make: one that ensures the best and brightest can come to the United States to create jobs, raising wages for American workers and helping rebuild the middle class in today’s global economy. A smart, effective immigration system will provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and millions of undocumented families, driving hundreds of billions of dollars in GDP growth, which will continue to grow our economy and rebuild our communities.”

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