FWD.us Statement Urging The Biden Admin to Issue TPS for Cameroon Without Further Delay

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today, calling on the Biden Administration to issue long-overdue protections for Cameroonian nationals by granting a TPS designation for Cameroon:

“We urge the Biden Administration to grant long-overdue Temporary Protected Status to Cameroonians fleeing violence and desperate conditions in their home country, and to help keep families together, protect vulnerable individuals, and save lives. We join alongside tremendous advocates – including those in the Cameroon Advocacy Network – who have been crystal clear that further delay will have terrible and even lethal consequences. Residents of Cameroon are at this minute facing widespread violence and human rights violations from multiple humanitarian crises, and it is absolutely immoral that those who have sought safety in the United States continue to live under the threat that they could be sent back to the horrifying conditions they’ve fled.

“The Biden Administration can help save lives today by granting a TPS designation for Cameroon, so that Cameroonian nationals living in the U.S. can live and work without the further threat of deportation – providing them with a measure of stability to stay safe and together in their communities here.”


Multiple humanitarian crises involving terrorist group Boko Haram, government forces, and armed non-state groups have caused widespread violence and human rights violations against Cameroonians, causing immense loss of life, incalculable human suffering, and displacement. As of December 2021, nearly 1 million people inside Cameroon are estimated to be internally displaced. Cameroon, which already hosts a large number of refugees inside its border due to ongoing conflicts in Nigeria and the Central African Republic (CAR), is experiencing a scarcity of essential needs like food and clean water, shelter, and medical services. Recent deadly clashes over resources have displaced even more vulnerable people.

Read more about Cameroon’s current crises here.

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