FWD.us Statement on the Supreme Court decision to not rule on DACA

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement on the Supreme Court decision to not rule on DACA:

“The Supreme Court decision not to rule on the legal challenge to DACA is welcome news, because it means that more current DACA recipients will be able to apply to renew their work authorizations and protections from deportation. This decision, however, doesn’t change the uncertainty and fear for millions of Dreamers, their families, coworkers, and communities – all of whom need Congress to pass a permanent legislative solution to protect Dreamers.

“There continue to be strong, bipartisan bills in both chambers of Congress that would protect Dreamers and sensibly increase border security. The President should embrace these bipartisan proposals and urge Congress to pass them immediately. We are one week away from the March 5th deadline set by the President for Congress to act. Dreamers need Members of Congress to do their jobs and work together to get this done.”

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