FWD.us Statement: September Jobs Report is Further Proof that Allowing Immigrants in the U.S. to Work Will Help Persistent Labor Shortages

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement on today’s publication of the September 2023 Jobs Report, which showed a 3.8% unemployment rate. Today’s report follows the latest monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) report from the Department of Labor which estimated there were 9.61 million open jobs in August:

“The recent increase in job openings coupled with today’s unexpectedly high number of hires during September makes clear the United States needs to continue to do a better job providing work authorization to those here and improving and expanding legal immigration pathways to fit the needs of our modern economy.

“The good news is that thousands of Venezuelan immigrants in the U.S. were recently granted Temporary Protected Status and will soon have access to work authorizations so they can help fill these positions. That is why the Biden administration must expand and expedite the processing of employment authorization documents to ensure that these new TPS recipients and other immigrant populations can more fully contribute to our economic well-being.

“Doing so will not only provide the workers the U.S. economy desperately needs as our workforce continues to age, but it will also keep inflation at an acceptable level while alleviating pressure on the Federal Reserve to continue increasing interest rates. From the semiconductor industry to our agriculture sector, the data show that improving and increasing immigration will help grow the economy and wages for all American workers.

“It is also critical to note that as immigration has increased into the United States over the last year–including through the use of humanitarian parole pathways, not only has inflation continued to drop but job growth has remained very strong. The evidence is clear: letting people immigrate to the U.S. and ensuring they get timely work authorization improves job growth, lowers inflation, and benefits the lives of Americans already here.”

For more information, see our recent report, “To lower inflation, America needs more immigration to alleviate national labor shortages.”

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