FWD.us Statement on Senator Flake’s Decision Not to Run for Re-election

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on Senator Flake’s decision not to run for re-election:


“Senator Flake is a conservative Republican, and during his time in office – across many issues – time and time again he has chosen the path of working to find common ground to achieve policy solutions instead of merely resorting to partisan bickering. We should all be thankful for his service, whether we as Americans agreed with all or few of his policy positions. Senator Flake's decision not to run for re-election is a loss, not just for Arizonans but for the entire country. It is yet another consequence of the dangers of extreme partisanship and we hope members on both sides of the aisle will take notice and come together to find solutions for the American people.”

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