FWD.us Statement on White House DACA Healthcare Access Announcement

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us Deputy Director of Government Relations & Coalitions Maria Praeli issued the following statement today on the Biden administration’s announcement of a rule allowing DACA recipients to access vital healthcare services via the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid:

“Today’s announcement from President Biden is welcome news and an important step to ensure that hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients like me can access vital healthcare services via the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. Once in effect, this proposed rule will empower DACA recipients who’ve grown up in the United States to stay healthy and care for themselves and their loved ones, all while continuing to contribute to our economy and to communities across the country.

“Removing discriminatory barriers to access healthcare is the right policy, not just for the physical, mental and financial health of hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients, but for our nation’s entire healthcare system which will be strengthened by improving preventative care amongst young people.

“As DACA remains under existential threat in the courts, today’s announcement by President Biden is a reminder that Congress should have passed permanent protections for Dreamers long ago. We again call on all policymakers to take the necessary steps in their power to ensure Dreamers can stay in the country that is their home.”

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