FWD.us Statement on Trump Administration Efforts to Allow for Indefinite Jailing of Immigrant Children and Families

WASHINGTON, DC — FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on the Trump Administration’s rule to amend the Flores Settlement, which would allow the indefinite jailing of immigrant children and families apprehended while attempting to cross the border:

“The United States should not separate families at the border, jail immigrant children and parents for years or months during their hearings, or try to deny nearly every person seeking asylum the chance to do so. This new rule flies in the face of years of clear direction from the courts, and follows this Administration’s disturbing pattern of attempting to restrict or outright eliminate legitimate pathways for immigrants to come to the United States legally. We must continue to reject the false premise that smart border security requires separating families, jailing immigrant women and children indefinitely, or eliminating due process for people seeking asylum.

“The Flores Settlement was designed to promote the fair and humane treatment of immigrant children and families apprehended at the border while in the custody of the United States government, and to limit the amount of time these vulnerable populations are kept in jail. Any effort to reform or amend this rule should work to improve care and conditions, not weaken these critical protections and allow for the indefinite jailing of immigrant children.”

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