FWD.us Statement on the Recent DC Court DACA Filing

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on the decision by DC plaintiffs not to oppose DoJ’s request for a temporary stay on processing new DACA applications:

“The decision made tonight by Maria De La Cruz Perales Sanchez, a DACA recipient, Microsoft, Princeton University, the United Food and Commercial Workers, the American Federation of Teachers, and the NAACP not to oppose DoJ’s request for a temporary stay on processing new DACA applications, while the D.C. federal court decision is on appeal, is the right choice and will help further protect current DACA recipients. Thanks to the brave plaintiffs like those represented in this case, DACA renewals have continued throughout this year. Unfortunately, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Administration officials will stop at nothing to terminate DACA and were attempting to use the DC court ruling to try to end all DACA protections immediately. We are thankful for the smart legal decision made today.

“Further, now that the DC plaintiffs have agreed not to oppose the DOJ stay request on the issuance of new DACA applications and advanced parole, AG Paxton should immediately drop his lawsuit filed in Brownsville, Texas. Texas has repeatedly said that the reason it filed that lawsuit, and the reason it needs immediate relief, is the supposed impact on the State of Texas of grants of DACA status to new applicants. Given this decision by the DC plaintiffs, which likely will result in the issuance of the limited stay by Judge Bates in DC, Texas has no reason to continue their lawsuit. Refusing to end the case after today’s actions in DC circuit court is clear evidence that AG Paxton’s only real motivation is a determination to see young dreamers ripped from their families and communities and deported to countries most have never known.”

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