FWD.us Statement on the Passage of Louisiana Ballot Measure: Amendment 2

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement tonight after the passage of Amendment 2 in Louisiana:

“The passage of Amendment 2 and the end of non-unanimous jury convictions in Louisiana is an historic and long overdue win for democracy. We commend the community and legal advocates, elected officials, and other citizens on the ground in Louisiana who worked tirelessly to help pass this measure. FWD.us is very proud to have supported this bipartisan, grassroots effort.

“We are grateful for the lawmakers and advocates continuing to drive reform forward in a state so desperately in need of it. The passage of this measure is a testament to the progress that can be made when allies from all sides work together.

“The Amendment, which is supported by both parties in the Louisiana state government and backed by a broad and bipartisan coalition including VOTE, The Juror Project, Vera Institute for Justice, the Louisiana ACLU, and the Alliance for Constitutional Integrity, requires that jury decisions for felony crimes be unanimous, bringing Louisiana in line with jury practices in 48 other states.”

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