FWD.us Statement on the District Court’s Conference Hearing on DACA

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today in response to Judge Hanen’s conference hearing on DACA this morning:

“Today, Judge Hanen, in another deeply disappointing court hearing, advanced the formal process that we know will almost certainly lead to the catastrophe that is the end of the DACA program. This judge also took steps that will now block nearly 400,000 prospective DACA recipients – like high schoolers and young adults now old enough to work – of their ability to apply for DACA on October 31. The writing is on the wall for DACA, and no positive outcome will come out of the courts – today, just like yesterday, the only solution that will protect DACA recipients is for Congress to pass legislation this year.

“While there may be efforts in the courts to change the timing or obscure where this is headed to the media and elected officials, it's painfully clear that DACA will be ruled unlawful and renewals ended once and for all by these courts in the not very distant future.

“Congress must immediately pass legislation protecting Dreamers in the upcoming lame duck session – this is the only solution left. The consequences of another Congressional failure will end in disaster for hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients and their families, communities across the nation, and the U.S economy. For years, members of Congress have punted, and have wasted time while Dreamers have faced threat after threat in the courts. Now, time is up: to prevent nearly 700,000 young people from the risk of losing their jobs and being torn from their families, Congress must prevent catastrophe by passing legislation to protect DACA recipients in the lame duck session before the end of 2022.”

ICYMI: Last week, FWD.us launched a national ad campaign across TV and digital platforms, calling on Congress to protect Dreamers right now in the wake of the 5th Circuit Court’s ruling that DACA is unlawful.

Watch the ad here: Congress Must Protect Dreamers Now

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