FWD.us Statement on the Biden Administration’s Expansion of Refugee Admissions

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement on the decision by the Biden Administration to increase overall refugee admissions:

“The Biden Administration’s clear direction today to increase refugee admission levels is not only the right thing to do – it’s smart policy, smart politics, and will help improve security at the border. We thank President Biden for ultimately delivering on this commitment, and we call on the entire Administration to take every step possible to achieve this goal.

“For so many people seeking safety and refuge, there currently exist no other legal avenues to come to the United States, even while they may face terrible persecution in their home countries. In Central America and the Caribbean, for example, creating more opportunities for people surviving persecution to apply for protection closer to their homes will help reduce forced migration levels at the border over the long-term. The Administration’s re-establishment of the Central American Minors program, their expansion of 6,000 temporary work visas for nationals of the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, and the efforts being led by Vice President Harris to deal with the root causes of migration are all part of a long-term strategy that will improve protections and conditions for migrants, while reducing overall activity at the border and improving border security.

“President Biden should be commended for listening to the American people’s clear calls to admit more refugees and vulnerable families into the U.S. The humanitarian impact of today’s decision is immense, and this is part of the broader effort to build a working and humane immigration system. Working together to overhaul and build out humane legal immigration avenues will allow us to turn the page on cruel border policies, and in turn build back better and restore the soul of our nation.”

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