FWD.us Statement on the Arizona State House’s Passage of SB 1334 and the Urgent Need for More Criminal Justice Reforms

Washington, DC – FWD.us State Policy Manager Emily Levett issued the following statement after the Arizona House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 1334:

“We commend the Arizona House of Representatives for approving SB1334 by a vote of 42 to16, but remain disappointed that legislative leadership has refused to consider other meaningful criminal justice reforms this session.

“Many promising criminal justice reforms have been blocked this session, including House Bill 2270, which would have allowed people to earn their way home from prison sooner for following the rules and participating in treatment. Without the passage of meaningful reforms like HB 2270, Arizona will continue to be the fifth highest imprisoner in the country.

“Still, SB 1334 would end Arizona’s uniquely harsh practice of counting priors, ensuring that people cannot be sentenced with repetitive enhancements during their first appearance in front of a judge. We urge the Arizona State Senate to move SB 1334 across the finish line and to the Governor’s desk for signature.

“FWD.us will continue to collaborate with partners across the state and the country to address Arizona’s imprisonment crisis.”

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