FWD.us Statement on Signing of Colorado Driver’s License Expansion Bill

DENVER, CO — FWD.us Colorado State Immigration Manager Marissa Molina released the following statement today after Governor Jared Polis signed SB19-139, More Colorado Road And Community Safety Act Offices, into law. The legislation will expand access to driver’s licenses to Colorado residents regardless of immigration status by increasing the number of licensing facilities to 10 locations, up from the current four in the entire state:

“Today’s bill signing will make life better for millions of hardworking Colorado families, grow our economy, and make our state stronger in every way. We are so grateful to Governor Polis for signing this commonsense legislation into law, and to our legislative sponsors for their leadership in helping to pass this bill. Today’s transformative victory could not have been achieved without the tireless, years-long work of Colorado’s immigrant advocacy community, and we are so proud to have partnered with them through the I-Drive Coalition to help get these hard-fought reforms across the finish line.

“Today, Colorado helped ensure that more families and individuals – particularly those Coloradans living in rural areas – can access their workplaces safely and more easily and take their loved ones to the hospital in an emergency. All Coloradans will be driving on safer roads as a higher percentage of drivers can now obtain the right driver’s education and insurance. Most importantly, Colorado is sending the message that we will do right by immigrant families by pursuing commonsense policies that make people’s lives better – regardless of their immigration status – and that we can build a more prosperous future for our state together.”

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