FWD.us Statement on See Us, Support Us Month

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us Senior Director of Criminal Justice Reform, Zoë Towns, issued the following statement today during “See Us, Support Us ” month, a nationwide campaign to increase the visibility of children with incarcerated parents:

“This October, FWD.us is proud to be a part of See Us, Support Us – a month-long campaign to reduce stigma and increase support for children of incarcerated people.

“One in 5 people in America have had a parent incarcerated, and yet we often drive these children, their experiences, and their needs into the shadows.

“We’re proud to join a national coalition of organizations, like Osborne, We Got Us Now, San Francisco Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership, Connecticut Children of Incarcerated Parents Initiative, and Alameda County Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership, who are working to support incarceration-impacted children and families in a number of ways, including changing policies that increase access to visitation and lower the cost of phone calls to jails and prisons.

“Even as we push for policies to preserve family bonds and support families while and after their loved ones are incarcerated, we are guided by our north star to end America’s incarceration crisis altogether.

“During See Us, Support Us month and always, we stand with the children of incarcerated people and we commit to promoting their healing and well-being.”

Across the country, 1 in 2 adults, approximately 113 million people, have had an immediate family member who has spent time behind bars. Learn more about the impacts of family incarceration at EverySecond.fwd.us.

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