FWD.us Statement on Remarks on Immigration in Tonight’s Presidential Debate

FWD.us Vice President for Advocacy Alida Garcia issued the following statement tonight on the remarks on immigration and family separation at the third Presidential Debate.

“Vice President Biden presented a clear vision for how to create a modern, humane immigration system, centered on prioritizing a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people in early 2021, and he understands that restoring America’s standing in the world requires the humane treatment of people seeking asylum at our Southern Border.

“Despite President Trump’s lies, children who were separated from their parents have not been “well taken care of,” and his administration is not helping to find the parents. Ripping kids from their parents arms is unconscionable, but sadly it fits into the pattern of attacking and demonizing immigrants that has defined this Presidency and his vision for the future.

“I was there. I saw what happened. The only reason any family was reunited was because Americans rose up.”

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