FWD.us Statement on Passage of José Peralta New York State DREAM Act

ALBANY – FWD.us New York State Immigration Manager Eddie A. Taveras today released the following statement highlighting the passage of the José Peralta New York State DREAM Act as part of the New York State Budget:

“The passage of the New York State DREAM Act is a life-changing advancement for immigrant students across the state. After years of tireless work by advocates, lawmakers, and immigrant families alike, we have finally succeeded in passing this critical legislation that will help create opportunities for immigrants across New York. We are grateful to Governor Cuomo and New York’s lawmakers for recognizing the incredible contributions of immigrants and their families, and for eliminating long-standing barriers to higher education.

“Now, building on this victory, it is time for Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to turn their attention to passing the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act (A3675/S1747), to allow undocumented New Yorkers to apply for driver’s licenses. By allowing every New Yorker to apply for a license, undergo driver’s education and take a road test, we will strengthen our local economies, support local employers and make true economic mobility a reality for hundreds of thousands of undocumented New Yorkers, all while raising an estimated $57 million in annual revenue for the state and making our roads and communities safer.

“Governor Cuomo and our state lawmakers should continue to demonstrate their commitment to protecting and welcoming immigrants to New York by passing driver’s license legislation.”

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