FWD.us Statement on Passage of Florida State Senate Bill 168

TALLAHASSEE, FL – FWD.us Florida State Director Ted Hutchinson issued the following statement after the Florida State legislature passed Senate Bill 168, which will undermine the discretion of local law enforcement by requiring Florida’s communities to enforce federal immigration law:

“Let’s be clear, there are no sanctuary cities in Florida. This legislation has always been a solution in search of a problem with harmful consequences to our communities and economy. This is why there was widespread bipartisan opposition to this legislation from elected officials, business leaders, and law enforcement. We have seen the consequences in other jurisdictions with similar policies. Whether it’s the distrust created between immigrant communities and law enforcement, the increase in racial profiling, or the actual detention of American citizens, this legislation is misguided, divisive, and will do nothing to make Florida safer. Further, it forces local communities to usurp the will of municipalities that will incur the financial burden that this mandate from Tallahassee creates.

When we put politics ahead of commonsense solutions, we fail. Florida has always been a state fueled by immigration. One in every five Floridians is an immigrant, and immigrants help power major sectors of the state’s economy, drive innovation, create American jobs, and boost economic growth. Moving forward we will continue to work in a bipartisan fashion with our elected officials to uplift immigrant communities across Florida.”

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