FWD.us Statement on One Year Commemoration of Horrible Abuse of Haitian and Other Black Asylum Seekers in Del Rio, Texas

WASHINGTON, DC — FWD.us Vice President of Advocacy Alida Garcia issued the following statement today, marking one year this week since the horrific, brutal mistreatment and expulsions of Haitian and other Black asylum seekers in Del Rio, Texas in September of 2021:

“As we remember the violence in Del Rio, Texas inflicted upon Haitian and other Black asylum seekers by U.S. border patrol agents, we know that we cannot wait another year without solutions for the countless human rights violations and overall inefficiency of our current system for processing people seeking asylum at the border.

“This week, advocates joined together to commemorate this awful event as a reminder of the urgent need for a working, humane and efficient immigration and asylum system with safe and legal routes for people to come to the United States. We join them in these calls. The United States must end its use of harsh, chaotic policies like Title 42, “safe third country agreements”, dangerous interdictions at sea, and it is imperative that the Biden Administration immediately halt deportations to Haiti— a country in crisis, facing instability, chaos, and extreme violence.

“Our current failed approach to dealing with migration, border security, and people seeking refuge only perpetuates chaos and cruelty, and is continually weaponized by politicians, which harms asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants, and all Americans in the process.

“We must create a modern system of Western Hemisphere migration—built upon new, working, safe and legal immigration avenues. America is at its best when we welcome those in need of protection, and those who want to come to our country to work, study or be reunited with their families – regardless of where they’re born or the color of their skin. If we can welcome Ukrainians running from war at our Southern border, then we can welcome Haitian fathers carrying their babies as they flee extreme conditions. The time is now for the Biden Administration and Congress to build a humane and working asylum system in the United States.”

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