FWD.us Statement on New Report by House Study Committee on Innovative Ways to Maximize Global Talent in Georgia

ATLANTA, GA – Today, the House Study Committee on Innovative Ways to Maximize Global Talent in Georgia released its final report and policy recommendations, marking an important step toward expanding economic and workforce opportunities for immigrants and refugees in Georgia. The Committee was created this year by a resolution led by Representative Wes Cantrell (R-Woodstock), Representative Gerald Greene (R-Cuthbert), Representative Kasey Carpenter (R-Dalton), Representative Chuck Efstration (R-Dacula), Bee Nguyen (D-Atlanta), and Representative David Dryer (D-Atlanta) to address the many barriers faced by Georgia immigrants and refugees in order to maximize economic contributions and workforce participation.

FWD.us Georgia State Director Jaime Rangel, who participated in several House Study Committee panels, issued the following statement: “Today’s report showcases the overwhelming bipartisan support from legislators and community leaders in favor of pro-immigration policies and sends a clear message that Georgia lawmakers are committed to finding commonsense immigration solutions that benefit the entire state. This report couldn’t come at a more important time. Over the past decade, Georgia has experienced an 89% increase in global talent, yet we continue to battle labor shortages and skills gaps in key industries which have only been exacerbated by COVID-19. By leveling the playing field and reducing arbitrary barriers that prevent immigrants and refugees from reaching their full potential, the Peach State will emerge from the pandemic even stronger while maintaining our competitive business environment.

“We are thankful to Chairman Wes Cantrell (R-Woodstock) and his colleagues on both sides of the aisle for taking action to ensure Georgia can reinvigorate its economy by maximizing contributions and workforce participation of our state’s immigrants and refugees. I am confident that this report is just one step of many to put policies in place that will eliminate barriers for all Georgians to find stability and fully participate in our economy, regardless of immigration status. FWD.us looks forward to continuing our work with leaders under the Gold Dome and in communities throughout the state to get much-needed policies, such as tuition equity for Georgia Dreamers, across the finish line. An important aspect of passing pro-growth, pro-immigration policies are the people and families behind them who will benefit from having greater access to jobs, education, technical training, and assistance, not to mention all Georgians who will reap the benefits of a robust workforce and economy.”

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