FWD.us Statement on Mayor Bowser’s Proposal: More Incarceration Won’t Make D.C. Safer

WASHINGTON, D.C. – FWD.us D.C. Director for Criminal Justice Reform Dawit Getachew issued the following statement today in response to Mayor Muriel Bowser’s new legislation that would increase incarceration and fail to reduce violence in D.C.:

“Mayor Bowser’s latest proposed legislation appears to rely on the same failed policies that exploded mass incarceration in D.C. and have devastated D.C. residents and families for years – without making anyone safer. Increasing incarceration is a failed approach that undermines public safety, while imposing an extraordinary cost on District residents.

“We urge D.C.’s elected leaders to look to decades of research to guide evidence-based policymaking that will truly make our communities safer.”

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