FWD.us Statement on Harmful Mandatory E-Verify Legislation As Florida State Legislature Vote Expected In Coming Days

TALLAHASSEE, FL  — Ahead of the Florida State Legislature’s votes on mandatory E-Verify legislation — SB 664 and HB 1265 — FWD.us Florida State Director Ted Hutchinson issued the following statement:

“Despite opposition and warnings from business and community leaders across the state, lawmakers in Tallahassee have continued to advance harmful mandatory E-Verify legislation that would require Florida’s businesses to participate in the federal mandatory E-Verify program.  
“If implemented, these bills would have a disastrous impact on Florida’s economy, particularly in key sectors like agriculture, tourism, health care, and construction. By requiring participation in the federal mandatory E-Verify program, this legislation effectively passes the financial burden of federal immigration enforcement to Florida businesses and restricts their ability to find the employees they need to operate successfully.

“In fact, it’s projected that implementation of mandatory E-Verify in Florida would result in the loss of approximately $11 billion in earnings, 253,500 jobs, and $1.25 billion in state and local tax revenues each year.
“Mandatory E-Verify without workforce legalization hurts economic growth by hampering U.S. job creation, increasing labor costs, and reducing state and federal payroll tax revenues from undocumented workers. For Florida’s economy to continue thriving, immigrants must be welcomed and businesses must be free of burdensome red tape and regulations.

“We strongly urge elected officials in both parties to stand with Florida’s businesses and reject this harmful legislation.”

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