FWD.us Statement on Driver’s Licenses Access and Privacy Act Implementation

NEW YORK, NY — FWD.us New York State Immigration Manager Eddie A. Taveras issued the following statement regarding implementation of the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act:

“Today, New York is taking a dramatic step toward improving the safety and security of all of its residents with the implementation of the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act, otherwise known as the Green Light Law. This well-reasoned law, which has withstood multiple legal challenges, allows all New Yorkers – regardless of immigration status – to obtain a standard driver’s license, enabling them to legally drive and purchase car insurance.

“We thank the Cuomo administration for its commitment to seeing Green Light come to fruition, and we commend the County Clerks and Department of Motor Vehicles staff across the state who are ensuring that New Yorkers were able to exercise this new right under state law without undue fear or complications. The New Yorkers who are eligible to access a driver’s license under the Green Light Law will have to go through the same process as all other license applicants, including passing a written exam and road test, making our economy stronger and our communities safer.

“The Green Light Law will improve the safety of New York’s roads, provide a new revenue stream for the state and help keep families together. But it also sends an important message, underscoring the fact that New York is – and always has been – a state of immigrants, leading the way on tolerance and inclusivity for the nation and the world.”

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