FWD.us Statement on Driver’s Licenses Access and Privacy Act Court Ruling

FWD.us New York State Immigration Manager Eddie A. Taveras issued the following statement after the recent Western District Court of New York ruling upholding the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act:

“We are pleased that the court has ruled in favor of upholding the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act – also known as the Green Light Law. This decision does not come as a surprise, as it follows the precedent set in other states, where similar measures have also passed legal muster.

“We are confident this action will result in a safer, more united New York. We thank state Attorney General Leticia James for her steadfast support of Green Light and her vigorous defense of this common-sense law.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature were right to restore New York’s practice of allowing undocumented individuals to obtain standard licenses after passing all the tests required of any new driver.

“This law will enable hundreds of thousands of undocumented New Yorkers who need to drive to work or medical appointments, or simply run errands and take their children to school, to do so responsibly. It will increase the number of insured drivers, reduce costly hit-and-run accidents and provide a new revenue stream for state and local governments.

“Furthermore, this positive ruling comes at a critical time for undocumented New Yorkers, as the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates on the recent oral arguments concerning the rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Should DACA stay in place following the Court’s ruling – as we believe is the correct legal decision – DACA recipients will be among those able to apply for a New York driver’s license under the Green Light Law.

“Education of individuals who will be impacted by this law is already underway and will continue to make sure everyone is aware of their rights and the restrictions that apply.

“We look forward to the timely implementation of the Green Light Law by mid-December, as the statute requires, and stand ready to assist the governor and state Department of Motor Vehicles in any way necessary to assure its success.”

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