FWD.us Statement on DACA’s 11th Anniversary

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, FWD.us President Todd Schulte and DACA recipients on FWD.us staff issued the following statements in advance of tomorrow’s 11th anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy:

“DACA has been an incredible success for its beneficiaries, their families, and all Americans–and Congress’s failure to secure permanent legal protections for Dreamers has been nothing short of a devastating failure. As we commemorate the program’s 11th anniversary, an entire generation of DACA recipients–many of whom are now adults and parents–are integral parts of every facet of American society, communities, and our economy. With the program under dire threat in the courts, it is imperative that the President, governors, mayors, employers, educators, and others all take immediate action to safeguard the rights and security of these extraordinary individuals before it is too late,” said FWD.us President Todd Schulte.

DACA recipients on FWD.us staff added, “As DACA recipients and professionals working in immigration advocacy, we know firsthand how life changing immigration protections such as the DACA policy are. We came to this country as children, completed our education, pursued our passions, and made genuine connections in our communities; this is our home. We’re grateful to have made the most out of the opportunities that the DACA policy has provided, but the long-term security of DACA has always been and remains overwhelmingly uncertain. The best way for Congress and the Biden administration to honor this anniversary is to pass a pathway to citizenship for all Dreamers before DACA ends up being litigated, once again, at the highest court in our nation. For now, it is crucial that other current DACA recipients continue to renew their DACA and take advantage of Advance Parole if they are eligible.”


Earlier this week, FWD.us published a new report detailing the demographic changes and achievements of the original cohort of DACA recipients since the policy was enacted eleven years ago. FWD.us also released a new analysis earlier this month documenting the growing number of undocumented new high school graduates unable to access the DACA policy because of court injunctions preventing first-time applications.

To learn more about the consequences of the DACA policy ending, read FWD.us analysis: What happens if DACA ends? 

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