FWD.us Statement on D.C. Council’s Violence Reduction Programs Roundtable

D.C. Leaders Must Meet Residents’ Public Safety Concerns with Data-Driven Approaches, Not Failed Mass Incarceration Policies


WASHINGTON, D.C. – FWD.us D.C. Director for Criminal Justice Reform Dawit Getachew issued the following statement today ahead of the D.C. Council’s scheduled Monday roundtable on violence reduction programs: 


“Monday’s roundtable on violence reduction programs is an opportunity for D.C. leaders to meet residents’ public safety concerns with evidence-based public safety strategies, not failed mass incarceration policies that harm our communities.

“Historically, D.C.’s lack of data transparency has made evaluating the success of violence intervention programs difficult. It is critical that D.C. leaders make this data more widely available and continue to implement proven strategies to advance public safety and strengthen communities, like the gun violence reduction plan.

“Real, sustained improvement in public safety requires a comprehensive, fully-funded response that addresses root causes of crime by prioritizing violence intervention programs, affordable housing, mental health and substance use treatment. We need D.C.’s elected leaders to ensure these community-based programs have the necessary resources to be successful and work to advance data-driven policies that reduce incarceration to make our communities safer.”

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