FWD.us Statement on CO House Passage of Driver’s License Expansion Bill

DENVER, CO — FWD.us Colorado State Immigration Manager Marissa Molina released the following statement today after the State House passed SB19-139, More Colorado Road And Community Safety Act Offices, which would expand access to driver’s licenses to Colorado residents regardless of immigration status by increasing the number of licensing facilities up to 10 locations, up from the current four in the entire state:

“We are incredibly grateful to the Colorado House, and particularly to Representatives Singer and Galindo for their leadership in helping to pass this bill, which makes critical strides for millions of hardworking Colorado families, and for our state’s economy. Today’s vote means that Colorado is one step closer to ensuring that all of our residents can safely access their workplaces, travel more easily to their jobs, and better provide for their families – particularly Coloradans living in rural areas.

“This commonsense legislation will make Colorado more prosperous, helping our state’s businesses grow while lifting up millions of individuals and families in their daily lives. Having moved out of the House and Senate, this vital legislation moves to the Governor’s desk.”

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