FWD.us Statement on 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling to Ramp Up MPP

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling forcing the Biden Administration to ramp up the Trump Administration’s Remain in Mexico policy:

“The overnight ruling is deeply concerning, not only because it is wildly unlawful, but also because it will have severe consequences to the humanitarian rights and safety of migrants seeking asylum at the border. The idea that three appeals court judges would allow such a flawed and clearly politically motivated decision to take effect is shocking.

“This decision will pave the way to return to the policies that tore families apart, and subjected people seeking asylum to horrific conditions while further destroying an already broken asylum process that is still in the process of being rebuilt. Further it is outrageous that the court would cite the decision overturning the unlawful repeal of DACA as justification for this dubious ruling, given the careful administrative review by DHS and the well-documented harm inflicted by the Trump policy. The fact that such a precedent is now being used to force the Biden Administration to detain most people seeking asylum is simply atrocious.

“The Trump era border policies were a dark stain on our nation's history. We must never forget the human impact of these policies, which were a failure by any moral, policy, or political measure. It’s time for Texas officials to stop actively undermining efforts to have an efficient and safe process for families and children seeking asylum at the border. What this will do is to create chaos and confusion around the border—the very sort of chaotic dysfunction that we know have been used by some to demagogue and further demonize immigrants.

“The Biden Administration should immediately appeal this unlawful order to the Supreme Court, who must reverse this decision.”

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