FWD.us Statement: New York Lawmakers Must Reject the False Narrative That Increasing Criminalization Will Make Us Safer

NEW YORK, NY – In response to New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s Five-Point Plan on Subway Security, FWD.us New York State Director of Criminal Justice Reform Alana Sivin issued the following statement:

“While transit safety is a priority for everyone, the Governor’s proposal to exclude New Yorkers with past criminal convictions from using the subway will only isolate people who most need access to public transportation and destabilize entire communities. Our city’s subway system connects people to jobs, education, healthcare, and opportunity. We are concerned this proposal will disproportionately impact the same Black and Brown communities that were most severely affected by decades of criminalization and stop-and-frisk. It is especially troubling as the number of people locked up on Rikers Island continues to grow, leaving thousands to languish and suffer because they cannot afford bail.

“At a time when crime in New York is falling, our elected leaders must safeguard New York’s progress to decrease pretrial incarceration and ensure that we continue to prioritize policies that truly advance public safety and support communities.”

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