FWD.us Statement on Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant’s Veto of SB 2841

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us Senior Director for Criminal Justice Reform Zoë Towns issued the following statement today following Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant’s veto of SB 2841:

“We are disappointed in Governor Bryant’s veto of SB 2841: a package of critical criminal justice reforms for the state of Mississippi. This bill was passed unanimously out of the Legislature, with overwhelming support from across the political and ideological spectrum.

“SB 2841 would have provided a long overdue correction to Mississippi’s broken reentry system. The bill required drug courts to use medication-assisted treatment, the method best demonstrated to reduce opioid use, and removed a key barrier to reentry – restrictions on drivers licenses – for many people convicted of nonviolent drug crimes. It also required supervision officers to reduce monthly supervision fees for people close to or below the poverty line, and ensured that people would not have longer supervision sentences simply because they were too poor to pay their monthly fees. This bill refocused Mississippi’s laws on public safety, employment, and family unification.

“In spite of this decision, FWD.us will continue to work together with our in-state and national partners to achieve the reforms Mississippians deserve, and will be here for the long haul.”

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