FWD.us Statement on the Launch of the Coalition for the American Dream

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on the launch of the Coalition for the American Dream:


“FWD.us is proud to partner with so many important leaders in the business community to push to protect Dreamers. There are only two paths forward: either Congress can act now and pass urgent legislation like the Dream Act, or our nation will be responsible for forcing 800,000 out of their jobs, subjecting them to immediate deportation, and using the very information they gave to the government in good faith to find, arrest and deport them. Congress should listen to these important business voices and pass legislation to protect Dreamers before the end of the year.”


Below please find the press release announcing the Coalition for the American Dream.


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October 26, 2017


Coalition for the American Dream Launches in Support of Dreamers
Leading Businesses, Trade Associations & Other Organizations Come Together in Support of Permanent Legislative Solution This Year


WASHINGTON DC – Over 60 top businesses, trade associations and other organizations that collectively represent virtually every industry supporting the American economy, today announced a new coalition in support of bipartisan legislation that gives Dreamers a permanent solution this year.


In addition to reaching out and meeting with Capitol Hill lawmakers in the days ahead, the new Coalition for the American Dream is also launching a national digital ad campaign and published a full-page ad in POLITICO today. A copy of the ad is included below and you can also view it by clicking here but it reads in part:


“Without an immediate, permanent legislative solution, roughly 800,000 Dreamers who are working, going to school, and serving in our nation’s military will lose their ability to work and study legally, will be forced from their jobs, and will be subject to immediate deportation from the country they grew up in. If Congress fails to act, our economy could lose $215 billion from the national GDP in Social Security and Medicare tax contributions.


“President Trump has recognized the need for action, saying that ‘hopefully now Congress will be able to help’ Dreamers.


“There are many aspects of our immigration system that need reform – and on which we may not agree. But we all know that Dreamers are important to the future of our companies and our economy.”


For on-the-record quotes from Coalition members regarding today’s launch, please visit: https://www.coalitionfortheamericandream.us/what-they-are-saying/


For any additional information and for full membership, please visit: coalitionfortheamericandream.us
Finally, please  view today’s full-page ad in POLITICO

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