FWD.us Statement: Federal Court Blocks Anti-Immigrant Law in Texas 

San Antonio, Texas – FWD.us Regional Government Relations Director Zaira Garcia issued the following statement today after a federal judge temporarily blocked the state of Texas from implementing a sweeping anti-immigrant state law following a lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice and the ACLU:

“Today, a federal court temporarily blocked SB 4, a transparent attempt to attack immigrant communities. This cruel and illegal legislation would have devastated families and seriously harmed the Texas economy, targeting millions of immigrants who contribute significantly to the state and make up nearly a quarter of its workforce. Today’s injunction makes it clear the Constitution does not allow for SB 4’s widespread racial profiling that would have let local police target, arrest, and deport people whom they merely suspected of being undocumented.

“We applaud the ACLU of Texas, Texas Civil Rights Project, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, and others who have worked tirelessly to stop this unconstitutional attack on the Texas economy and our immigrant communities.

“As President Biden heads to Texas today, this victory should serve as an important reminder that Texans and all Americans deserve better than the same tried and failed anti-immigrant policies that have only made our migration challenges greater.”

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